The Strauss Capelle Vienna, founded by Johann Strauss I in 1827, is steeped in historical tradition and is proud to be considered one of the most highly respected orchestras worldwide.

The Strauss Dynasty, including father Johann I and sons Johann II, Eduard and Josef, toured the world with their Strauss Capelle Vienna, heralding a new Golden Age of the Viennese Waltz and enchanting international audiences with breathtaking performances of the contemporary masterpieces of their day.

The rebirth of Strauss’ orchestra meant the Strauss family’s most enchanting melodies could once again fill the world’s concert houses. The orchestra today continues its founder’s tradition of performing Strauss’ music on tour to the highest standard, delighting audiences around the globe.

After a concert tour through Canada and the USA in 1901, Eduard Strauss I, son of Johann Strauss I, disbanded the orchestra in New York. 76 long years passed before members of the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper orchestra decided to revive the Strauss dynasty’s original orchestra. With an unwavering devotion to their musical heritage, these musicians brought Strauss’ music back to life in its original setting.